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Which should I use, the Masque or the Serum?

KhairPepTM leave-in Serum is for finer, more fragile hair. KhairPepTM leave-in Masque is used for thicker hair. For very damaged hair you can use both products alternately (many customers use the serum on the top part of their hair and the masque on the length/ends).

What are the directions for use of KhairPepTM products?

Please see each product page for KhairPepTM Serum and Masque, and view the "DIRECTIONS" tab below the picture - Serum Product Page and Masque Product Page.

Will KhairPepTM products affect my colored hair?

KhairPepTM products are specifically designed to be used after treatments including coloring. After coloring your hair, wash your hair thoroughly and apply KhairPepTM products as directed (see the "DIRECTIONS" tab below the product pictures on the Serum and Masque product pages - Serum Product Page and Masque Product Page.

Does it matter what kind of shampoo I use?

You can use your regular shampoo before using KhairPepTM products, but do not use any conditioners or oils before applying KhairPepTM products. See the product DIRECTIONS tab on the product detail pages for more information - Serum Product Page and Masque Product Page.

Where do you ship to? Do you ship internationally?

Please see our Customer Service page for more details (link from the footer menu or click here).

Are KhairPepTM products safe to use?

All KhairPep products have toxicity testing and are completely safe to use. The products are not for internal use. If you have any reaction to KhairPep products, discontinue use. Keep out of eyes – rinse thoroughly with cold water if this should occur.

Where do I find a list of the Ingredients in KhairPepTM products?

Please see the product pages for KhairPepTM Serum and Masque and view the "INGREDIENTS" tab below the picture. - Serum Product Page and Masque Product Page.