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Managing damaged hair has changed forever

With the discovery of K18PeptideTM, managing damaged hair has changed forever.

KhairPep TransformeTM leave-in Serum and Masque with K18PeptideTM repair your damaged hair from the inside out, making your hair healthy again.

The secret? Our proprietary K18PeptideTM - the result of over a decade of European research. the science


AllureDivider"Bleaching or chemically ­relaxing hair can damage it, but "KhairPep" scientists have developed a way to fortify it."Allure Magazine

SalonDivider"Penetrating beyond the surface of the hair, the Serum offers instant results with its lightweight formula, while the Masque provides a deep and intense treatment for extremely broken and brittle hair."Salon Magazine


Video Review

With Christina in San Diego "Product Believer!"

More testimonials and reviews

  • "I used KhairPep 6 times after coloring and I loved it. It makes my hair feel so healthy!" Kathy in Michigan
  • "The texture of the mask is light and airy... and as soon as I apply it to my hair it feels a little bit softer." Joi Ashley, Creator & Writer - Beauty Blvd.
  • "My hair dresser could not believe how healthy my hair was" Stacey in Ontario
  • "I love the product, it really works.  My hair seems stronger and more lush" Katherine in Toronto

More testimonials and reviews

See the Difference
  • Katy – BeforeBefore Side View
  • Katy - After treatments with KhairpepAfter Side View
  • Before Back View
  • After Back View
  • Gorgeous
    Repair damage and make your hair healthy again. Through clinical trials, K18PeptideTM has been shown to increase hair strength and elasticity giving you back your gorgeous hair.
  • Improve Color PerformanceEnhance your coloring before and after. KhairPepTM products are color safe. Apply pre-coloring to improve porosity for enhanced color evenness, depth and shine. Use after coloring to repair damage and lock in your color longer.
  • Staying
    Once K18PeptideTM has penetrated the hair, it will not wash out, even after daily washings. K18PeptideTM is the first long-chain peptide that can penetrate hair, repair damage and keep your hair healthy for the long run.

DIRECTIONS FOR USEUse KhairPep products on damp hair AFTER you shampoo your hair and BEFORE you use any conditioners or other styling products. KhairPep products are leave-in. Please see detailed instructions with each product

Visit the SCIENCE page and view the interview
with Dr Cavaco Paulo - Inventor of K18Peptide®