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Christina in San Diego

"Between my friends and those who I have ranted to about this product all know that I refer to it as 'black magic.' It has literally transformed my hair... Prior to the product, I was looking at needing to cut off at least 4-5 inches, I am currently only looking at about 1-2.  I have gotten rid of all of my Argan oil because it's a joke in comparison!"

Christina P. in San Diego
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Diane commenting on a review
in "The Beauty Brains"

"I've always had dry split hair that lacks shine and luster. I got the Khairpep masque and have never seen such great results from any other product that I have tried throughout the last 15 years!! I absolutely love it!!

Margot J. in N.J.
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Kathryn in Toronto

"I love the product, it really works.  My hair seems stronger and more lush."

Ann in Mississauga

"Hi James, Yes I bought it and it is definitely a holy grail product...awesome. Thank you, Ann"

and later....

"Thank you so much James. I only have a tiny bit and I never want to run out of this stuff. Went for cut and colour Saturday. Colorist felt me hair and commented on how soft that it felt.

Kathy in Michigan

"Hi James This stuff is amazing. I received my order yesterday (I got both the serum and the masque). This morning, I shampooed my hair, towel-dried and sprayed it with the serum. Then I ran my finger over the top of the open jar of masque and probably used less than a teaspoon of product. I rubbed it between my hands and then applied it to the last 4 inches or so of my hair. Whatever was left on my hands, I smoothed over the surface of my hair. Then I brushed out the tangles. I thought my hair felt a little too stiff, or dry, and I wondered if I should add a leave-in conditioner on top of the KhairPep. But I didn't. I wanted to see what would happen just with this product. So I picked up my blow-dryer and went to work. 20 minutes later, I was impressed. KhairPep left my hair shiny, supple, and full of body. I did touch up a few areas with a flat-iron, and I put in a few hot rollers for bounce. But my hair looks great. I'm having color done tomorrow -- root touch up and a few highlights and low lights. I will definitely be using KhairPep for my next 6 shampoos. It's a good hair day in a bottle (and a jar). Thanks for a wonderful product,

and, in a follow up email:

"PS I used KhairPep 6 times after coloring and I loved it. It makes my hair feel so healthy!

Stacey near Georgetown

"My hair dresser could not believe how healthy my hair was! I told her about your product and she asked me for a sample… My hair today looks amazing."


Allure"Bleaching or chemically ­relaxing hair can damage it, but “KhairPep” scientists have developed a way to fortify it."Allure Magazine

Salon"Penetrating beyond the surface of the hair, the Serum offers instant results with its lightweight formula, while the Masque provides a deep and intense treatment for extremely broken and brittle hair."Salon Magazine

Michael Victor
Owner, Delineation Hair

"At Delineation we specialize in restoring damaged hair.  I have never used a product that has such a dramatic and lasting effect as  KhairPepTM… It added strength instantly with great body and great shine.  We are selling out of KhairPep on a regular basis."

Joi Ashley, Creator & Writer - Beauty Blvd

"Luckily for me, I received samples of KhairPep to try and so far I’m loving them.  If you checked me out on Instagram, you would have already known this!  Anyway, the masque is my favorite... The texture of the masque is light and airy... and as soon as I apply it to my hair it feels a little bit softer."

Makeup Alley

"The first time I tried it I felt like crying, my hair was so silky and soft. I have no idea how it works but it does. I would highly recommend it to anyone with damaged hair. It is amazing, definitely one of my top three favorite products this year."

The Beauty Brains - bottom line

It's refreshing to see a hair care technology with some data to back up its claims. If you have relaxed hair you might want to give it a try"

Raine, Hair Salon owner in Toronto

"I manage a branded hair salon and I am not allowed to sell KhairPep products.  However, I tried the KhairPep products personally and I will say that these products are really good."