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The Science

InterviewWith Dr Artur Paulo Inventor - K18Peptide®
Dr. Paulo

Science Background

Common chemical styling processes such as coloring, perms, straightening or bleaching, make permanent changes to the cortex of your hair and destroy part of its structure. These processes can leave your hair weaker, drier and more brittle. As you get older, simply washing and blow drying can have a similar effect. As a result, hair loses properties such as strength, elasticity and youthful health – your hair becomes damaged.

Most hair products have limited effect because they only mask the damage by temporarily adding molecules to the surface of the hair. These molecules are then lost with following washes. In order to repair damaged hair, the fiber structure needs to be restored.

A team of European researchers have been working for over ten years to find new ways to bring back strength and health to damaged hair. They recently discovered a long-chain peptide – K18PeptideTM - that can enter the hair and bind to the inner structure of the cortex, returning strength and elasticity to hair and making it healthier. And amazingly, K18PeptideTM will not rinse out even with daily shampooing.


Independently Proven to Penetrate and Repair

Independent researchers using fluorescence microscopy showed that KhairPep products using K18PeptideTM penetrate into the cortex of hair and recreate the bonds that have been broken or damaged through bleaching, coloring, perms, straightening or age. K18PeptideTM was uniquely designed to have a driving force and a positive charge for hair penetration and repair. Once inside the hair, K18PeptideTM attaches to the hair protein replacing the broken bonds adding strength and elasticity in a way that no other product on the market has ever achieved.
K18PeptideTM does not disappear after the first wash – the peptide remains in your hair after repeated washings keeping your hair healthy and strong.


Hair Strength

Repairs Hair that’s been colored

In clinical research, hair was bleached 8 consecutive times with peroxide (similar conditions to intense coloration). After treating with KhairpepTM, tensile strength testing showed that KhairPep`s K18PeptideTM  resulted in substantial increase in hair strength.

Repairs Relaxed and Straightened hair

Virgin hair was relaxed with a strong alkali solution to produce intense straightening conditions and then it was treated with KhairPepTM product. The result was an impressive recovery of hair strength.


Improves Results with Sequential Treatments

With 4 sequential treatments researchers saw up to an additional 41% increase in hair strength before improvements stopped

Repairs Damaged Hair and Does Not Wash Out

Because K18PeptideTM gets inside hair and then bonds, it does not wash out and continues to work even after repeated shampooing, keeping hair strong and healthy.

KhairPep products Increase strength, improve elasticity and leave hair healthy