Permanently repairs hair damaged by coloring,

bleaching, straightening and thermal styling.


Projects hair during coloring and bleaching.


All you need is one step

We’ve been using Khairpep™ for over a year both at Biba Academy and at our Doncaster salon. Khairpep™ has been a great success for us. We’re so impressed with its performance. It’s easy to use, no booking time required and ultimately the result is in how it protects and transforms damaged hair. It’s a great product and it really does work! If you haven’t used Khairpep™ you need it in your life.

Simon and Carmela

Biba Academy, VIC

Khairpep™ – the ultimate hair rescue product. It’s so simple to use, and is the most useful product for your hair. Khairpep™ has transformed our clients’ hair to become strong, smooth and revitalised. We’ve had beautiful and fast results; the transformations have been outstanding.

Sam and James Calabria

Franco of Canberra

My team at Stevie English truly believe in Khairpep™ – the results really speak for themselves. Colour looks better on healthy hair and our clients don’t leave without a Khairpep™ treatment!

Mel, Manager

Stevie English Hair
Glebe, NSW