KhairPep Transforme Masque Treatment Program

KhairPep™ Masque comes in a set of three convenient 5ml tubes, designed for ease and convenience in the initial treatment program for hair damaged by coloring, bleaching, relaxing, perming and heat.

Each 5ml tube contains 1–4 applications, depending on the length and thickness of hair.

To ensure the best outcome:

Shampoo. Do not condition, towel-dry thoroughly.


Short Hair: One pea-sized* amount

Medium Hair: Two pea-sized* amounts

Long Hair: Three-four pea-sized* amounts

Dispense directed amount. Lightly spread over the palms and apply from roots to ends. On thicker hair, part hair into manageable sections and work product from roots to ends. Detangle with fingers and then comb through. Leave in for 4 minutes, do NOT rinse out. Style your hair as desired.

Note: Khairpep™ is a progressive treatment. To gain the maximum benefits, use the masque for the next 3 -4 washes for the best results. Then use periodically to maintain hair quality.

*Pea-sized = approximately 4-5mm in diameter 

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